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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Photos and coming plans

I do need to take photos of the items in both SWAPs as to date I have only done hanger shots.
Somehow this is a very hard thing for me. The faff of changing and taking the photos with the tripod and timer and so on, and then trimming the pics and stitching them together and uploading them.

I have a couple of other things I want to do, one is now the weather is warmer to have a wardrobe tidy and swap out the heaviest winter things and bring in the summer stuff. In May we are going away on holiday and I will want some summer things for that, though the more casual pieces.

I am also really looking forward to my black/red/ivory wardrobe but should not get started on that really until the SWAP photos are all done. Maybe though I will have a fabric tidy, put away the unused brown fabric from Amber Glow and pull out all the matching fabrics for the black/red/ivory wardrobe. This as yet does not have a name, though I think could be inspired by the name of a nice red lipstick which could be worn with it.
Red for me is a very happy colour, and I feel confident and bold in it.

I suppose it could be the 'Newspaper Collection', becuase its black and white and red all over! (a very old joke from when I was a child).

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