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Friday, 10 September 2010

Future Inspirations

Just got back from holiday and its time to do a lot of laundry and pack the summer clothes away until next year.
I might see if some of the linen can hang on in there until the end of September but after that I'll be kidding myself.
Two items I purchased this year which worked out really well were some comfort wedge sandals in black and some cotton eyelet pyjamas. I am wondering if I should buy multiples (in the end of summer sales) and stash away for next year since they have worked so well, or whether that is a bad idea?

Holiday was in Menorca, and the only sewing related thing I did was buy a copy of Patrones magazine, and sketch ideas in a notebook. I took Burda magazines and tracing paper but got nowhere with them.

I have no idea if it will feed into anything, but I was particualrly fascinated this year on holiday by rock formations. This split fairly evenly between rocks with strange rectolinear features, layers, stripes, blocks etc on the one hand, and other ancient weathered rocks with holes in them. The holes particuarly fascinated me.
I've had no art/design/fashion training (I went the maths, science, computing route), so I have no real idea how you take inspiration and turn it into your chosen medias, for me clothing or perhaps accessorties like bags, jewellery, scarves etc.
Are there any sensible sites out there which cover this sort of thing? Or books maybe (not a whole fashion design course or anything).

The rectolinear stuff pretty much plays to stripes in fabrics, which I already love. One rock in particualrly reminded me of some charcoal linen pinstripe fabric, but that's a Spring project I think and not for now.
The weathered holes however really struck a chord with me, and I think could easily be the basis for a collection, different ways of using deliberate holes, cutouts, cutaways etc but also be grown up and not in the least bit grungy. So will have to think about how that can be interepreted in a practical way.

It also gives rise to lots of different puns for collection names 'The (W)Hole 9 Yards' perhaps?


sdBev said...

I find that end of season purchases of basic's like T shirts or favorite bras works really well.

a little sewing said...

That's funny - The W(hole) 9 Yards.
Sounds like you were inspired on your trip. I look forward to seeing how you work that!

kbenco said...

I would buy extras of the successful summer items - they both sound practical and unlikely to be unfashionable by next year, so what do you have to lose (especially if you can get them on sale!)