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Saturday, 18 September 2010


A little update. I had 2 weeks of holiday with no sewing, then came home and went back to work including a 2 day trip away overnight and a day trip away, all with early starts and late finishes. So I've been buying fabric and sewing magazines, but not a lot else.

I think today's task is hemming curtains which is very boring but useful. They've been waiting to be hemmed for about a year I think which is pretty bad. I find home dec very boring and it doesn't excite me the same way as tees, pants etc do. But it is nonsense to not have the curtains up for the want of a few hours of hemming time so I am going to tackle them this weekend.

My huge order of knits from Totally Fabrics came this week and I also bought more knits in Leeds during the week. Also the lovely Lisette sent me some Adri patterns so I am very pampered.
In the past when I've ordered from Totally Fabrics at sale time, there are always the odd fabric which turned out to be out of stock when they came to fill my order, so I slightly over ordered, and this time everything was in stock! So two big parcels were waiting at the post office collection place.

So once the curtains are done I want to sew something for me. Probably something fairly quick, maybe PJ pants or a tee shirt, that will give me a sewing fix without being a massive project. I kinda fancied a mad print knit dress (I have lots of fabric options now) so I shall see what appeals.

Sadly the weekend can't be all splobbing about reading sewing blogs and sewing, some grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry need to be factored in as well. I have a cunning plan to travel less with work next week and so to sew in the evenings, but ha!,best laid plans etc.

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