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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

British Vogue September 2010

I had an initial look through British Vogue and made notes to myself as I did so. I don't buy Vogue very often but the September issue is good because it has the Autumn Winter collection high lights and I can decide what references I want to take forward into my sewing. The UK climtae is such that the winter clothing in fact can be worn for much of the year.

What I noted most from this edition which I will take forward into my Autumn and Winter sewing, were beautiful tailored trousers and various silk, chiffon and other girly blouses which I think work really well with the more tailored pieces.

I am sure further browsing through will lead to other bits and pieces coming through, but pretty blouses and tailored trousers fit into my lifestyle and are things I can work towards sewing.

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