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Thursday, 30 September 2010

September Burda Mag - Turtleneck top #121

I traced off the turtleneck tops from september's Burda. I did a one inch forward head alteration, a one inch round back alteration and sewed up a test garment in cheap knit. It went together well.
Then I tried the end result on. The back fits OK, but the front neck is still strangling. I have 3 deep wrinkles across the front, the neckline is strangling me and comes up to my ears. Its not good.
The shoulders and sleeves fit well, but the sleeve is from another pattern anyway.

To be comfortable this needs to have a MUCH LOWER front neckline and for the neck to generally be a bit looser and probably shorter. So not a great success. So if you have a wide neck, short neck, or forward head (or all three as in my case) you might want to give this a miss.
Its been several minutes since I took off the trest garment and I can still feel the discomfort on the throat - URGH!

I'll take this and the distressed pattern tissue when I go and see Yorkshire lass next weekend and we can see if it can be made wearable. I will share results in the interests of research.


Rhoto said...

Hello Ruthie!!
Isn't it NEAT, FUN, sew Helpful to have a sewing buddy??
Soft hug,

kbenco said...

How annoying. I have only seen this made up once (in a photo of course!) on Dawn of two on two off, and I thought the neck looked really tight at the front on her too - although she didn't mention it as a problem. I hope you can get it sorted.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the information on this top...I was thinking of sewing it up, but may give it a pass.