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Saturday, 2 October 2010

PR Contests - that I'm probably not participating in!

In the past I have been very excited by the various contests on Pattern Review and used them to drive my sewing at some points. This year not so much for some reason.
Running at the moment, the 'little black dress' is part way through and 'pattern stash' and 'costume' just started.
Not being a great fan of Halloween I am not planning to participate in 'costume', it doesn't get the same fun feel here in the UK where the costumes are darker (witches etc) and not my thing really.
'Pattern stash' is supposed to encourage you to try a lot of different patterns. That's not massively my approach, because once I have sorted my size/fit issues with something I want to make several things from it. Making patterns work is a different sort of mental energy than actually sewing and I don't always have it.
If I did make a 'little black dress' (and I've more more on a bonkers print dress bender) it'd be a knit one and I'd wear it for work with a bright jacket. So all in all they are not grabbing me.
But October is a shiny new month and I want to done something fun and creative, that is also useful to me.
I have been bashing away at my Autumn Collection sew along with Elizabeth from Stitchers Guild but am part way through a blouse where I have lost a facing piece and deviated from the pattern when cutting out and thus confused myself (need to write little notes to future Ruthie explaining the thought processes at the time, or else sew stuff up straight away!). Meanwhile some black and green print knit fabric begged to be a knit dress with some sort of cowl neck treatment and long sleeves, though I''ve so far left it hanging longingly and not cut it out.
Maybe a cup of tea will help matters, and perhaps I can find a scrap to recut the back neck facing for the blouse.....


Remnant said...

Love the part about making notes to "future Ruthie." Made me laugh. :)

Been writing my future self notes for awhile now. What makes perfectly good sense to me while I'm doing it, makes me wonder at my nonsense the next day.

Nice to know I'm not alone. Or that my future self isn't alone.

Vix said...

Aw, I want to see that green print knit dress you haven't made yet...while you're note-writing, tell future Ruthie she should get on that, ha.

sdBev said...

"Making patterns work is a different sort of mental energy than actually sewing " Interesting observation and true.

I use 9x11 envelopes to store my patterns in. I make notes on the front of the envelope as to what I've done, so I can at least figure out where I am at, if not where I was going. But I agree notes to "future sdBev" could be very helpful.

Oh wait, I did make a note to Future sdBev, I put it inside the envelope and said "try pocket from pattern xxxx"