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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Gold Blouse

Gold crinkle blouse almost done. I am full of cold, and colds make me stupid (well stupider at sewing than normal).
I stopped after I neatly sewed the cuffs together down the long sides, giving myself a very nice long tuby thing, which is nothing like a cuff.

Since the next step would have been to make one of those bound edge slit thingies in the sleeve I decided to cut my losses and phone a friend.
The outer fabric ties are also too pouffy despite having the heck pressed out of them, and I may have to remove them and replace them with ribbon or something.
And of course they have been securely sewn in with many rows of very small stitches and some understitching.

It does fit reasonably well though and looks like a shirt. The collar in particualr is sitting quite nicely.
It is however for a gold crinkly shirt, pretty shiny and gold (and crinkly) and has a slight air of crumped Christmas gift wrap, perhaps another reason why the giant bow isn't quite making me happy.
For some reason it seems to be a bit shorter than I expected, and doesn't really work too well with jeans. But I think with trousers or a nice skirt it'd be fine.

Next up more brown stuff, a brown and gold dress, a brown striped waistcoat and a brown cardigan.

Mind knowing me I will throw sense to the wind and instead make a black and green print dress.
Oh and I still have to actually finish the blouse.


Linda T said...

Hard to sew when you are not at 100%. Colds are the pits! Feel better soon!

Jenni said...

Hope the cold is better soon. Looking forward to seeing the gold blouse in person next weekend.