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Sunday, 31 October 2010

SWAP 2011

As mentioned before the SWAP 2011 Official Rules have been announced which is very exciting. As a person I am inspired more by fabric and colours/textures first and then have the patterns to fit with that.
So having had a very excited chat on the phone with Jenni, I am now going to go and destroy the stash cupboard by pulling out my dark chocolate brown boiled wool from Germany (this is going to be my key piece which everything else has to work with) and anything else which looks like its going to co-ordinate with it.
I think this year I am going to go back to one of my favourite colour combinations of chocolate brown, teal and cream as I have loads of gorgeous fabrics already in these colourways, wonderful wools and silks, faux leather, cotton shirting etc.
I will take a photo of the fabrics once they are pulled out and assembled, then I will park them in a box and tomorrow start on the Pattern Review challenge in black and spring green (a mini winter collection, that will then morph on itno the Endless Combinations contest as well).

Possible techniques for the SWAP
  • silk blouse
  • leather or faux leather skirt
  • boiled wool with lapped seams
  • welt pockets
  • fly front zipper
  • hand picked top stitching
  • hand made thread loops
  • using woven and knit fabrics in the same garment
  • a buckle on a knit top
  • perfecting coverstitching
  • zipped pockets
  • flat felled seams and other traditional shirt construction techniques
  • working with non-stretch lace
  • classic lined wool pencil skirt, with the back vent properly handled with the lining (this always gets me in a tangle)

I am sure some other techniques will come up as I do some research.
I'm going to be moving in March, but I've moved mid SWAP before so should be able to cope with that again! I just leave my sewing stuff out until the very last moment possible!

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Michelle said...

this sounds very interesting! And what a list of techniques, you'll be fitting in a lot!