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Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Unpixies

Still no progress on the gold blouse, but post coffee and danish I will get started honest.

Last weekend I was at Jenni's where we did a few tweaks to the gold blouse. We really could have done with the help of some Unpixies (these are the opposite of Pixies who make a mess in your house) and instead had to wield two of Jenni's multiple unpickers ourselves. (A girl after my own heart she has 3 because they are always under things, on a similar basis I cannot tell you how many I have, though I reckon its more than 3 but they have never been seen in the same place at once and so unless I put those animal trackers on them, I will never know!)

When I was growing up my sewing relatives (mainly my mum) called those seam ripper tools 'Quick-Un-Picks' which I think was a brand name common at the time, but I always felt was a bit of a fib, as the unpicking always not that quick (and hence my desire for Unpixies to speed things along).

(If I was artistic I'd pop a picture of a Pixie with a seam ripper here, but sadly the best you are likely to get is a blouse hanger shot and only that if I go away and actually work on the garment).

Meanwhile in my research on Ottomans which are rather hilariously called a Pouffe here in the UK, (which strikes me as a truly bizarre and yet onomatopoeiacal word) I find that Volume 5 of the Stitch by Stitch book series has something called a 'Sag Bag' a Bean Bag Chair in other words, which if stuffed very firmly would infact greatly resemble a large Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillow.
The Stitch By Stitch books were published in 1982 and have all kinds of knitting, crochet and sewing projects in them, including one I love which is how to make your own 'Continental Quilt' which is what Duvets were called in the UK when they were a new an exciting thing and we all still had sheets and about 10 blankets on each bed in the winter.
The sheer reduction in weight when I first got a duvet took some getting used to I do recall, but suddenly made child hood bedmaking a whole lot easier.
Another Stitch by Stitch project shows how to make a sofa from two thick single mattresses and a lot of cushions, some carboard and fabric and is truly ingenious, though they don't actually show anyone sitting on it.
But it would be super easy if you have friends over and need a sofa bed!

Maybe I will start a series of projects made from the Stitch by Stitch books, although as I don't knit or crochet, those projects are lost to me. There are some excellent fitting chapters sprinkled among the other bits and pieces. I don't have a full set of these books, and in fact I seem to have partial sets of two editions, with some books twice. I think I paid a pound for each book at a bookstore closing down sale.


Liesl said...

Oooh, I need some of those unpixies here - they would be awfully handy!

I remember duvets being called continental quilts here in Australia too. (But then they somehow got renamed as doonas ... I suspect that's an odd word that got made up here.)

Happy sewing on the gold blouse today!

Michelle said...

the unpixies would certainly be helpful here. The sewing room looks like a bomb went off in my fabric cabinet!

kbenco said...

I want some unpixies too. I love the rationale for having several unpicker thingies. I also think I have more than one, but like you, have never seen them in pairs. Maybe they just don't like each other very much.

sdBev said...

I used to have that Stich by Stitch series. I remember reading lots of it, over and over. But, alas, space limitations finally had me passing them along.

Jenni said...

Your whole post made me smile. Glad you finished the blouse, it looks wonderful. And yes, the blouse from which those buttons came was the most beautiful deep purplish iris blue, and had gold lines embroidered on the collar and cuffs.