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Sunday, 31 October 2010

New techniques for knits: any suggestions

I'd like to extend my sewing with knits to the next level and am open to ideas for new techniques.
I have an overlocker and a coverstitch machine (as well as a 'normal' machine) and tend to sew a knit garments with all 3 machines.

My basics tend to be knit tops or knit dresses which have set in sleeves, applied band at the neckline, or the edge turned under and cover hemmed. The hems are cover hemmed, the sleeves either coverhemmed as well or have an applied cuff.

I've never done binding thats sewn on, collars on knits, mixing woven with knit in the same garment. I tend to make the same few simple patterns up over and over in different fabrics. That's great for strong prints but it would be nice to do some things that have a bit more detail/interest to them. Perhaps make tops which look like they came from a more expensive store (only no-one can figure out where!)

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Jenni said...

I have a wonderful book on sewing knits which tells you how to do the colour blocking like the blue and black dress you show. It also shows how to make ribbing out of flat fabric and various other cool tricks for knits. Remind me and I will show you/lend you it, when you come up for the show.
Excited that the SWAP rules are up and can't wait to discuss them with you. Looks like we will both be tackling boiled wool together.