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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Co-ordinating Camel at InsideOutStyle

I left a question for Imogen at InsideOutStyle about how to wear the colour camel, which as you know is big this season.
She posted her answer today, and it uses a lot more colour than I expected!
You can read it here - Co-ordinating Camel.

I thought it was lovely of her to take the time to answer my question. I have been wearing my camel wool pencil skirt with ivory, dark brown and a tweedy jacket with camel/ivory etc tones in it. Her approach has much more colour in it which is interesting to see.


Liesl said...

I would only ever have thought to put (boring!) neutrals with camel ... but that is a dazzling array of beautiful colours. A good bit of inspiration!

Look forward to seeing your camel inspired sewing now!

MushyWear said...

Oh yes, it was nice of her to address your question and thanks for sharing with us. I don't think of wearing too many colors with camel, but this definitely gets the mind whirling about different combinations.

Lisa said...

I also saw her reply to your question . I thought her colour combinations were great as I struggle with colour cordinating too .

Michelle said...

Camel with red has always been a favorite of mine, but I wouldn't have thought to combine it with some of the purples, blues, and greens. Great ideas there!

Joy said...

Hmmm....good to know. I suppose camel is not much different from the khaki I've been wearing all along.

a little sewing said...

I saw that, too! and I was very pleased to see it. She gives so much good advice. I can definitely see you a lot of those colors.

Janis said...

It's good to know that there are cool colors that go with camel. I've always considered it a warm color and would naturally put it with other warm colors. I'll have to give camel some thought.