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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Purple Wallis Dress

I took a break today to drop some stuff to the charity shop and have a mooch about the shops. The local department store now has a Wallis section and although small compared to the range of stuff on the Wallis website, had some nice things.

I really liked this purple knit dress, which at £40 is something I could buy. The style looked like it would be quite wearable. It is however just basic viscose lycra knit and would be easy to make something similar if I had a pattern and fabric.

I thought it would make a grown up Christmas dress but still be wearable for other things like work or church afterwards, and with the elbow length sleeves be wearable for a good chunk of the year.

So Jenni, we need to look out for fabric at the show that could make this, unless I succumb and buy it first (I've not tried it on yet, and it might turn out to be hideous!!!). The argument for buying is you have it straight away, the argument against is I could buy a lot of fabric for £40.

Its a raglan sleeve, with a cross over front into a slightly raised waistline (I think, as I've not tried it on, maybe its at the actual waist) and cuffed elbow length sleeves. The skirt is gathered slightly into the waistband and appears to be slightly flared.


Jenni said...

Very nice. We shall definitely look out for the fabric, and a pattern. Think I've seen a McCalls pattern that has the top part of the pattern, but its straight below the bust band. Shouldn't think it would be a difficult thing to add a skirty bit that was gathered at the front though. I'll search out the number and let you have it next time we speak.

Sharon said...

Love the colour and the style is similar to the Simplicity 3775 that I made last year.

Liesl said...

That's a really lovely dress.

I vote you buy the £40 of fabric ... maybe you can have three dresses!

SewRuthie said...

Sharon, excellent. I already own Simplcity 3775! So that's a great starting point, just mneed to find the fabric now.