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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Gold blouse finished

Here's the gold blouse finished. The little gold buttons were a gift from the lovely Jenni and were cut from a worn out but expensive RTW blouse and the quality shows beautifully I think you can see. From the thread still in some of the buttons I would guess this original blouse was in a dark rich blue though I never saw it.
I decided not to do any more thread loops because once I started making my first one I could see that my two usable thread colours were both different to the sample Jenni used on the first thread loop. The buttonhole attachment on my machine had been behaving nicely though on the cuffs so I did 3 little keyhole buttonholes on the front and snipped the thread loops off.
Each cuff has two buttons and the front wrap has 3. A spare button is sewn to the inside just in case.
The buttonholes and buttons are fray checked on the back as this is very ravelly polyester fabric.
Just need to see what bottoms this would work with and I have something for Christmas events.

I am much happier with this now it has no tie. The little buttons work very well and are elegant and in keeping. And if I put it under a jacket I won't have wierd bits hanging down which I normally get with the wrap over side tie blouses.


Jen said...

Its lovely, great job...and you're right those buttons do add a touch of elegance.

Carol said...

Oh, Ruthie, this blouse is lovely! I love the wrap front. With a simple black skirt or pants you have a very stylish outfit with a minimum of fuss.

Janis said...

Love, love, love this blouse! You will look very elegant in it.

MushyWear said...

I really love this. The color and sheen are gorgeous. The buttons could not be a nicer match.

Elaray said...

You blouse looks so luxurious!