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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Vogue 7828

I really liked this Vogue Pattern - 7828

But to make use of the pay one get one free offer, need to find another I love as much.
Possible others are
V1132 Wardrobe Pattern - I can see this in some brown tweedy fabric I bought last week.

And V1020 which would work with lots of knits.


MushyWear said...

I agree. That is a great top!

Unknown said...

Hey RuthikK. I do like your new patterns. I did the top in V1020 and it worked out well. I'm just finalising the dress version (elongated top) and am embarrased as to how figure hugging it was. I'll have it finished shortly.

Anonymous said...

Ruthie, I think that wardrobe pattern with the full-skirted peplum jacket is really your style.


sdBev said...

That blouse is in my todo pile It does look so beautiful

Vix said...

Wow, all these are right up my alley!

Vests are really appealing to me lately, so if you're into that the 2nd pattern (1182?) seems to be a step in the right direction.