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Sunday, 31 October 2010

SWAP 2011: possible fabrics.

My stash cupboard search for stuff in brown, teal, cream or a combination thereof has resulted in a HUGE number of fabrics (over 40) puthering on the table and floor and I still didn't find the gorgeous silk blouse fabric that I bought at the show last year with Jenni.
So I obviously need to narrow that down a bit more. Quite a few of them are alternatives to each other for example teal, mint and cream shirtings, would only result it one or two garments which might make it into the actual SWAP itself. It was quick and dirty initial sort, for instance pulling out all the teal and turquoise knits, which don't necessary co-ordinate with each other and so on. Some are one offs - for example a nice dark brown faux leather, a cream sweater knit; others probably don't match properly with the dark brown boiled wool (pin stripe trousering) and will go back in the cupboard for another day.
It does show that this colourway is likely to work quite well for a SWAP collection, and as it also works with stuff I already have in the wardrobe should be wearable in my real life, so I think I will do another sort whilst its daylight to try and remove the fabrics which don't work with the boiled wool at all (ie the brown in them in warmer etc).
Having talked through these with Jenni there is now a smaller box full for the SWAP (some choices still depending on mood, wadders and fabric lenghts), and a big pile which need slotting back into the cupboard.
I seem to have mislaid the teal silk I bought at the show last year from M Rosenberg and son, and also some teal linen (not that I was going to use the linen) so I must've put them somewhere together when inspiration struck at some point. They'll turn up, probably when I am looking for something else, so I'm not too traumatised.

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LLee said...

Hi Ruthie, What ! is a 'wadder'? I can't even get Google search to tell me specifically. BTW, I Love, LOVE, LOVE! your blog. You are the one who has nudged me back into sewing, and lovingly looking at my stash and appreciating the whole SWAP thing. I'm not quite ready to participate, but I will in the near future. Thank You for being You! Linda, Living a joyous retirement in a hamlet in the tri-section of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.