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Monday, 1 November 2010

November dawns

November dawns and for the next two weeks I am going to try to mentally park the SWAP and instead do the PR Challenge Contest: One Pattern Wardrobe which lasts from November 1st to 14th, 2010.

I decided to make a dress (lengthened top), top and skirt from this pattern (New Look 6735) as my starting point. If I have time I might add the jacket as well. I had other plans beyond that but they might just morph off into the Pattern Review Endless Wardrobe contest which follows on straight after becuase actually 2 weeks is not very long and I'm away a couple of days a week both weeks.


Debra Martin said...

That's a nice pattern. Every piece has potential to be casual or dressy depending how you style them and what fabrics you choose. I can't wait to see what you make. Your collections are always so well thought out.
:)Deb M.

Ann said...

Ruthie, I love that pattern. One suggestion I have is to use the black and green fabric that you want to make a 6 piece winter capsule and add some pieces from this pattern to it. Then you are cross referencing with contests. Just a thought. Have fun doing this.