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Saturday, 27 November 2010

What next?

Well I came back from Jenni's today and am a bit too tired to sew this evening, but have been thinking about what I would like to sew next.
The Endless Combinations contest is on, and although I can't win anything as I just won the previous contest I might still enter as Wardrobe style sewing is what I like best.
Endless combinations works a little differently
How to create an Endless Combination:
Start with one garment, and then each subsequent Combination garment you sew goes with one of the Combination garments that you have already sewn. No chance of stranded garments with this method! The more you sew, the easier it is to match up to a previously sewn item.

And in fact I largely sew like this anyway, becuase it lets you wear your new thing straight away, which always works for me.
So I am planning something in black and red which currently includes the following, though who knows how far I will get with packing, work and Christmas parties coming up over the next 3 weeks.
  • black pencil skirt
  • black herringbone trousers
  • red knit skirt
  • red knit jacket
  • black/red/pink/white knit dress
  • black/white lace print top
I could also do with some winter PJs but for some reason don't seem to have any brushed flannel or warm knits skulking in the fabric cupboard, and I could start early on SWAP, since 3 things can be pre-made.
When I am in this mood, Jenni says I ususally sew something completely different...... so watch this space :P

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Jenni said...

I will be watching the space carefully. .... in between college work of course.