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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter Berries Collection: Black Velvet Shrug

Here's the completed black velvet shrug. I've held it together with a silver celtic brooch, a gift some years back and perfect for this I think.
The shrug is mainly made from New Look 6535 view C, though I curved the front neckline. The draped sleeve cap is taken from Simplicity 2956 and then morphed back onto the long bell sleeve of New Look 6535.


Sharon said...

Great shrug and it will come in very handy. Good ideas to morph patterns, I need to think more about this.

Rhoto said...

Ruthie, you curved, draped and morphed while I took a nap!! WOW, woman!! ;)

Mary Nanna said...

I am so totally impressed by your discipline in sewing collections. You are so right about the importance of thinking how the clothes must work together. What you say is so true, yet I cannot make myself do it. The discipline I have is for long complex projects with details - like coats and jackets - those for me are very easy - but planning and executing a SWAP - for me that is impossible!

Jenni said...

Very nice, and very current. Hope you get to wear it to the party.

Michelle said...

Great work on the shrug!