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Monday, 29 November 2010

Making a Complete Wardrobe from 4 Basic Patterns by Rusty Bensussen

I ordered the book 'Making a Complete Wardrobe from 4 Basic Patterns' by Rusty Bensussen as a used book and it came today.

I thought that I sort of sew in that way already, since I seem to have a favourite knit top, trousers, skirt etc. but that it would be nice to have some more ideas.
The book was published in 1987 and uses self drafted patterns that are very simple for a loose top, an A line skirt, a circle skirt and drawstring trousers. As such I probably wouldn't want to use the actual patterns.
What I do like about it is the way it encourages you to think a little more widely about the patterns you do have and how they could be made in different fabrics, and have changes applied to them.
Especially if you have to make a lot of alterations this is a really good approach as you are just adding details onto your already fitted patterns.


MushyWear said...

Sewing books are so inspiring. I love the new color palette you plan to work with.

Sharon said...

I've got that book in my wishlist, thank you for the review as I was wondering how it would benefit me and you do explain the reason it would be good to have.

Anonymous said...

I used to borrow that book from the library and loved it. It has since disappeared as I suppose they have updated their collections (with fewer sewing books it seems).