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Saturday, 6 November 2010

PR Challenge Contest: One Pattern Wardrobe

You may recall I decided to take part in the PR Challenge Contest: One Pattern Wardrobe. This is atwo week contest from 1 to 14 November to sew 3 items (or more) from the same pattern. I chose New Look 6735 as my starting point.

So far I have cut out and partially sewn up 3 items from this pattern, the first is a dress in a black print with green flowers. This is the knit top lengthened and flared out a bit. I used a scrap of plain black for the neckband, and am pretty pleased with it. Still needs lots of coverhemming.
 The second item uses the leftovers of the same print fabric, also with a black neckband, but I wanted to change things a little so although I used the lower part of the sleeves, I overlayed the sleeve cap from the draped sleeve from Simplicity 2956. I think doing this invalidates the use for the contest, but I wanted something fresh, and these draped sleeves are a really current look here and I wanted to incorporate them.
This is wonderful, though slightly costumey, but I think its a very wearable look. This also needs coverhemming.

The third item was made assuming the first would be disallowed, so this is the classic knit top made in a black rib knit. I'm a bit disappointed with this as its come out loose and bulky not sleek and figure skimming, so I might see if it shrinks up a bit after a hot wash, if not I might have to recut or donate it. The fabric was from the bottom of the stash when I bought stuff cheaply and isn't a great knit fabric hence the issues so if it does turn into a wadder I can live with that, except I would then have only one piece for the contest which would be a bit of a shame.

Next up coverhemming the top and dress, and then cutting out and sewing up a black cardigan and a bias cut lined tweed skirt. I have some black poly charmeuse which would make a delectable lining for the skirt.


Michelle said...

I have had similar issues with rib knit...just shapeless. I don't know if it is the knit I bought or something I am doing to it.

Are you going to do the Endless Combinations at PR?

Rhoto said...

Ruthie, you're the Purrfect person to coverhem!! Queenie of the Knits ;)
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR), who's still a-working with cottons

SewRuthie said...

Michelle yes I am going to do the endless combinations after the One Pattern as they seem to go well together. I'll carry on with the same black and green colourscheme unless I change my mind in the next 2 weeks.

Jenni said...

Gorgeous top and dress. I totally love that fabric for you and can't wait to see it with the frog green jacket. Am I going to see any of this in the flesh I wonder.