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Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Patterns and Fabrics

My 'about to be discontinued Simplicity/New Look' patterns arrived today. I'm very happy with them. I also went to Leeds market at lunchtime and bought some fabric from Jacks Fabrics. So whilst not exactly sewing I am indulging the sewing whims.

For those wanting pics, click on the grey words above to see the patterns, and here are the fabrics I bought.
Left is a nice stretchy cotton knit printed in mid blue, turquoise, aqua, lime and spring green on white.
It is a really mad Ruthie print, and whilst I bought it thinking to make a top to wear with blue jeans I am very very tempted to make it into a summer knit dress. Its pretty loud though! This does however seem to be ME and I am exploring more at the moment what I actually like and makes me happy.
Centre is a black linen/viscose woven printed with white. This is lovely though apparently not colourfast. I was recommended to wash it with salt, which I have done, though whether this will have fixed the colour I don't know. This says drapey summer skirt to me.
Right is an emerald green crinkled knit printed in a similar colour. The stretch goes the opposite way to the crinkles/pattern stripes though, so this would have to have the stripes going horizontally around the body which is visually less than ideal. This also says summer knit dress to me.
So although I bought these in November, they are really summer fabrics and will go away in the cupboard for another day.


kbenco said...

Show and tell? There is no show here. This is a very teasing post. :( I want some vicarious shopping. Please.
from demanding Karen

Anonymous said...

She is very mean, isn't she? Ruthie, Vogue is having a 40% off sale at sewessential.co.uk

Debra Martin said...

You girls make me smile :)
Yes pictures, Pleeeeeeease :)))

Joy said...

He he, I think the majority of my sewing time is spent on sewing "whims", including dreaming about sewing.