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Monday, 8 November 2010

New Look 6735 One Pattern Contest so far

Here's where I've got so far.
Quite a lot still to do
1. Remove elastic from skirt, take in about 5 inches and reattach for a snugger fit.
2. Hem the dresses and the drape sleeve top.
3. Recut the black rib top to a neater fit and resew from scratch.
4. Model everything instead of hanger shots.
5. Write a review


Rhoto said...

I'm VERY impressed at how much you get done in xx amount of time, Ruthie!! Goooo, Gal!

Jenni said...

Very impressive results and in such a short time too.

MushyWear said...

Oh, looking good. You are so close to having this set done, it sounds like. How nice to have so many coordinating pieces.

Vix said...

You are a machine!

ps Sorry, didn't see an email for you...since you are kind enough to have me in your blog roll, wanted to say that I noticed it hasn't updated since, er, August.

I don't post as much as you but even I have written a few things since then, ha.

Maybe you have the url for that post vs the RSS feed url? Feel free to email me via my profile if needed and maybe we can find a solution.

Michelle said...

Wow, your wardrobe turned out great! You did a lot of sewing in a very short period of time.

SewRuthie said...

there's more to go as well so watch this blog.

Myra said...

Ruthie these are some really good looking pieces here...I love what you've done, great choices!!