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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Simplicity 2938 free in UK Sew magazine

This month's Sew magazine has a free pattern - Simplicity 2938.
Ironically this would have been ideal to use for the PR One Pattern contest, though I'm not sure how much I'd wear a sleeveless dress or top and if the raglan jacket would be flattering on me.
Anyway if you like it and you are in the UK you might want to buy a copy - the magazine costs £5.99 in major newsagents.
Simplicity 2938 has quite a few positive reviews here on Pattern Review.


kbenco said...

I am always annoyed by wardrobe patterns with all the sleeveless tops and dresses, but a free pattern is a bargain. Will you sew any of these?

SewRuthie said...

Dunno Karen, I like the idea of the princess seams on the top/dress and wondered if it could be done as a knit, with added sleeves, and the centre panel in contrast - ie red centre panel, black rest of garment etc

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

thanks for the heads up. I bought the first 5 or 6 Sew magazines as they came out, but I found the writing quality to be poor (every single page contained at least one sentence starting with "Why not...?" and it started to drive me mad), the crafts way too beginnery, and the patterns deeply unflattering and dowdy. I eventually sold the lot on PR, but I'm glad to see they're at least doing something about the bad in-house patterns!