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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cooler weather

Here in Derbyshire the Autumn has suddenly arrived. I was rather sceptical, thinking that Summer would ease into Autumn, but actually the kids are back to school this week, the leaves have begun to fall and the cold wind is blowing up and down the hillsides. I took a day off today becuase I had some time due, plus a house inspection by the letting agency and in the afternoon went off to town shopping. I picked up a few things, in particular a fleece towelling dressing gown (robe) in bright turquoise and some black/cream fleece PJs. Slightly oversized, but more fleece snuggliness to wrap yourself in. I thought there was a serious danger of freezing my procrastinating butt off before the rainbow kitties became a dressing gown since I appear to have got rid of the sad old navy fleece dressing gown my mum made me and I've worn for years. It was falling apart/worn out but I don't recall the actual moment of culling, but perhaps that's due to the moves in the last few months.
At some point it will be properly Autumn and I will crack out my lovely Duo knee high boots.

September can be a tricky month where the weather and temps vary across the day and height (work is in town, lower down and more sheltered, home is out of town slightly and on a hillside) and the whole sandals+jacket vs coat+boots debate is relevant. As I'm new to the area, I maybe need to be a little more aware - Cheshire is largely flat and has mild rainy weather, Derbyshire has hills and the weather appears from behind one when you were not looking.
I'm not usually a huge one for the whole wardrobe rotation thing, but definitely sandals and linen trousers can go away now, with linen jackets (sob) following after. I love my linen jackets as they come in lots more fun colours than normal office wear jackets, so I get a riot of colour all summer. However there does come a point where 3/4 sleeve orange/red/lime linen needs to be put away for next summer.
Boiled wool jacket rather like mine -  I have this style in red, lime and a rich purple.
Its probably not quite time to bring out their winter friends, the red, purple and lime boiled wool jackets so I am stuck with the boring black and brown for the transitional period. These can however be livened up with bright tees, and piles of costume jewellery.


sdBev said...

Yum. Are you making the red cardigan or just teasing me with the pic?

Karin said...

Sitting in Essex wondering how to get through the transition myself! Youngest my youngest just went to her first day of school this morning, so it's definitely feeling like autumn to me! I don't have much to wear, so I should definitely get sewing, somehow I cannot get motivated.

Ann said...

Fall certainly has not arrived in our neck of the woods. Cooler mornings but not cool enough to wear a coat and the days are hot 30-32C. It is too hot to think of fall clothes even with the children back in school. They will be wearing t-shirts and shorts in this weather.