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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sewing progress

Sorry no new pictures, but I have been sewing away in the background. I coverhemmed the cream twisted neck top, wore it and its now in the laundry.
I also coverhemmed the pants, two tops and two dresses from the New Look 6735 wardrobe I made back last November for the Pattern Review Contest. (The pants had been invisibly hemmed but it didn't stay up well in the knit fabric). So at least I am likely to wear these pieces now.
The pants are now part of my gym wear along with New Look 6436 Knit top I made from scraps of black and white floral jersey. This is much more flattering on me than oversized tee + leggings.

I also removed, shortened and reattached the elastic on a RTW print linen skirt. It is dark brown with white, coral, orange and tan flowers and will be great for early Autumn.
I've now ended up with black thread on the coverhem, cream on the serger and brown on the sewing machine, and I'm not sure what to sew next!
I have another of the cream tees cut out but its not particuarly calling to me.


Dixie said...

Good for you, for getting this type of sewing done. I tend to procrastinate on mending and re-working garments. It's so much more fun to work on something new! I do hope you wear this nice wardrobe more now. It's attractive and looks like good options for you for work (and working out!).

Capitalism said...

Lovely you can make your dresses yourself.

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