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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Monsoon Orange Jersey Jacqueline Dress

I saw this dress in the Monsoon shop window today and absolutely LOVED it, but its £70! so I shall not even go in and try it on despite it being absolutely gorgeous and very very me. Its called the Jacqueline Dress, and the colour is described as red though it looks pretty orange to me.

I am already justifying to myself on a cost-per-wear basis, and imagining outfits where it is teamed up with any of
white, black, brown, pink, purple, navy, turquoise, grey, lime, lighter orange, denim blue, bronze and other metallics etc.


Rhoto said...

Hi Ruthie! Could you "justify" the dress by considering the price-per-(probable)-wear factour?? ;D

Ruthie said...

Rhonda I have been doing exactly those sums..... if I wore it once a week from now until next April (approx 30 weeks) it'd be £2.35 per wearing. Would work with brown leather knee boots, brown suede knee boots, brown leather sandals, andy of my multiple brown jackets etc etc.

Linda T said...

You know, sometimes we just have to splurge.....think about it. Very pretty!

Rhoto said...

Gonna go shopping before it's all gone??
You found a real gem for your capsule wardrobe(s), Ruthie!! ;D

wendy said...

the draping on that is so nice! it reminds me of styles BWOF does a lot, maybe you could find a similar pattern?

Jenni said...

Could you perhaps ask for it as a birthday and christmas gift combined if you love it that much? I really do think its very Ruthie.

Ruthie said...

Just too expensive for a knit dress!