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Monday, 19 September 2011

More thoughts on colours

I have long been a big fan of teal. Its kinda blue and kinda green, it makes my eyes really sparkle (especially when I wear my contacts).
Yesterday when wearing a dark teal and gold scarf which was a gift from my mother I realised that actually teal is NOT great right under my chin, as it creates those dark shadows which makes me look lumpy round the jawline and is unflattering to the chin. It was a bit of an ah-ha moment and not really in a good way.
I remembered that years ago before I realised I was warm toned I wore white or red tops with nearly everything because it made my skin look good. We shouldn't forget those things we intuitively realised about ourseles.
My mother had pointed out about the teal near the face, more recently, but it was just after I moved to live with them as my divorce went through, so I wasn't really concentrating on clothes and colour, more on hanging out with them and the cat :-)
I need to do some more clothing colour experiments in some good light (this may not be until April!) as my bedroom lighting is poor, but early results seem to show that the best results come from coral pink, red ornage, red, ivory being right up by my face.
Other colours are not too bad if there's a fairly deep scooped neckline, so the skin of my upper chest is reflecting on the chin rather than the colour of the tee etc. Scarfs worn up around the face need to be in these good colours, so maybe I need to wear the teal scarf in a different way, so its away from the face,
Interestingly, the new Colour Me Beautiful book differentiates between Clear and Cool and Clear and Warm using Clear Salmon vs Cyclamen (warm vs cool pinks, warm pink much better on me) and then Kelly Green vs Dark Teal (warm vs cool greens, the dark teal creates unflattering shadows..... is Kelly Green the way forward?) Not sure about Kelly Green but Lime and Yellow Green are looking positive. This is a bummer and there is hardly any of these colours in my fabric stash.

I am however still in love with the way my face lights up in Coral Pink, and wonder why there is not more of it in my wardrobe?
Maybe I'll be seasonal and embrace the Oranges in Autumn, the Reds in Winter especially around Christmas and then move into Coral for the Spring?


Dixie said...

Keep working with it, Ruthie. You'll figure it out! And, those colors you're missing will gradually make their way into your stash. They have a way of doing that!

Vix said...

Well, I love lime green and never wear it as it look like fifty kinds of bad on me, so I want you to start creating things in it now so I can live vicariously through your glow.

I actually really like coral (on others) in the grey days of winter...and it looks so good with olives, navys, deep browns. Maybe worth sneaking some in sooner vs later?