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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Next piece - simple tank from New Look 6414

I like New Look patterns, I read somewhere the designer is British and the block is slightly different,  from Simplicity. Whatever it is I have had good success with tops, skirts etc from New Look.

Skirts I just take the back waist in a bit.
Tops I do a forward head adjustment, made easy by the fact they often include a slightly shaped centre back seam, I just shape it a bit more - add the wedge in for the forward head to my back piece and take it away from the front piece.
Trousers (pants) don't work too well for me from New Look unless they are super wide leg, I have to do a big alteration to the crotch curve, which ends up with them looking a lot like Burda, so I just skip all that and make Burda pants instead!

Anyway my next item, is something I hope will become a new TNT, a simple sleeveless tank which will be a cami/singlet type underlayer in those colder months. Rather than trying to make little skinny straps found in RTW camis, I'm going to go for the tank style. This should be easier to sew as I'll just coverhem all the hems, and might turn out to be a great way to use up all those small pieces of knit, as well as make some of my knot front tops and dresses wearable again!

For this version I am going to use the lovely leaf print fabric again, but I am going to look a little at the pattern pieces before I cut out, and see what alterations I might want to make.

Here's the pattern I am planning to use - New Look 6414 View C.

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Anonymous said...

Ruthie, The cowl neckband tutorial you did was very helpful... Could you also do a tutorial for a forward shoulder adjustment please? I'm finding it tough to understand how you adjust the back seam and add the wedgie to the shoulder seam.. Would you mind drawing a picture for me please?