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Friday, 27 July 2012

Sewing Olympics - 5 garment challenge

I do have a few things planned this weekend, but I would also like to make a start on my Autumn Collection sewing plans whilst I am excited by them. Perhaps I can drag my gateleg table in front of the TV and cut out whilst the Olympic Opening Ceremony is on. I know Ravelry are having something to do with knitting whilst the Olympics are on, maybe I'll have my own little sewing olympics.

I drew up a little plan of my Autumn Collection last night and its already 11 pieces without even trying. Having said that I'm great at planning all kinds of garments on paper, but they don't always make it through to actual reality.So I am going to stick to simple patterns, so I can complete things in the available time.

My little challenge to myself is to sew one garment for each Olympic ring, during the time the Olympics are on (until I go away on holiday). That's 5 garments in the 27 July – 12 August window.

Anyone want to join me?

My 5 pieces are going to be
1. A cowl neck knit top from the leaf print jersey.
2. A scoop neck flared dress from the leaf print jersey
(I'll cut these out together to make best use of the fabric).
3. A skirt of the brown, orange and cream tweed.
4. A pair of wide legged trousers with side pockets from the brown, orange and cream tweed.
5. A cardigan jacket from the brown, orange and cream tweed.
I've chosen to use the fabrics with more than one colour in them for the Olympic challenge, and then will sew up the plain brown, orange and cream pieces separately afterwards.


L said...

I like your colours and have planned the same for my first of three (!!) 6PACs. I guess that's more of a case, than a six-pack, no? I usually pull several patterns and fabrics and then whittle the selection down to something more manageable.

I can't wait to see your garments!

SewRuthie said...

L, I am just laying the pattern pieces on for the first garment!