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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sewing/Craft room organisation

When I moved to this house over a year ago, the second bedroom was set up as a shared sewing room and study. It didn't work terribly well though, and particularly when I changed jobs in February and wanted to work at home more often it was really quite distracting being in the sewing room.

So I had a move round, got rid of the big old desk, bought some new shelves for the sewing room, set up the study in the dining room and purchased a second hand drop leaf table for dining to use in the living room. The folding guest bed moved from the dining room to the sewing room. It needs a nice cover making.

I've used the new study a lot and the layout works great, though I have shoved some boxes of papers on the shelves which really need sorting. I've had a couple of sorting sessions, and have made some progress. My computer workstation, filing cabinet etc are all accessible and it makes a practical if slightly boring work area. I have a small folding table and several folding laundry racks which are also used in there sometimes as well. There's a lot to be said for folding furniture for making rooms do double duty.

Meanwhile back in the sewing room I unpacked all the fabric onto the new shelves, stored speciality fabrics in boxes on top of the shelving unit and pretty much left everything as it was. I do however have some empty cupboard space which I want to use for sewing and craft notions currently in boxes, but I just never got round to doing anything about it.
I invested in some zip lock bags from Lakeland Limited, a great shop selling things you didn't know you needed to have particularly kitchen gadgets, cleaning stuff and organizing solutions. Some of their stuff is genius and other things are white elephants, and they are not cheap either, but I find the sensible things I buy from them do actually make my life better.

So I am planning to spend some time this evening getting things organised into the bags, to make them easier to find when doing sewing or craft projects!


Judith said...

Organisation is the key to blissful sewing...enjoy your evening!!!

Karen @ Confessions of a Home Ec Dropout said...

I love how the British spell "organization" with an "s" instead of a "z"!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the new sewing room!! Would love to see some pictures of your new room when you are done!

Dixie said...

It sounds like you've come up with a good solution for optimum use of space at home. Enjoy organizing!

Tee said...

The organization bug must be making the rounds. I spent quite a bit of time organizing my patterns last weekend. I plan to finish this weekend.


Enjoyed your blog!