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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Winter 6PAC summary so far

Here's the collection so far, looking quite good. (the skirt is from the same fabric as the top and cardigan so does match it just looks an odd colour in that photo).

I am a little torn now, the machines are threaded up with white, so I want to sew another striped top, this time in a fabric which is off white and taupe so would blend with a great many things. However I think the plan says I should sew another bottom.

I do have some darker toning trousers (purchased) which I've been wearing with the collection so maybe I am already covered. Thoughts?


Ann Brodsky said...

Everything looks great! I love this combination. I would go ahead and make the top. The serger is threaded, which is half the battle! And if you already have pants that would work, I think you are covered.

Alison said...

I'd go ahead and sew the top - you will wear it, and really, having an additional top makes it a "Lucky 7" instead of a 6PAC.
- Indigotiger from SG

Ann said...

I hope you made the top and then you can do the trousers. This is going to be a lovely 7 PAC when you are done.