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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August 6-PAC plans

The Autumn 6-PAC has started on Stitchers Guild but its still summer here and I'm not quite ready to sew the heavier pieces. So I am planning a simpler version of the 6PAC using two RTW items as a starting place.
The existing items are these taupe trousers which I wear with a bronze belt and bronze loafers, and a stone linen jacket with waist seam and three little buttons which fits beautifully.
The pieces to sew to expand this into a little collection are:-
1. Print linen skirt - this print has the stone background with coral and taupe leaves and is the key for the collection. I'm planning on using Butterick 3972 for this again as that worked well. Any leftovers will be a little woven blouse of some sort.
2. Stone knit top. A very simple pale stone colour soft knit jersey, this will be some sort of knit top and should be very useful in the wardrobe. I've not decided what style yet and may go for a new pattern for a change (not New Look 6735). It is such plain fabric I think some interest will be needed in the style, and I have a few to choose from.
3. Coral pink knit top. This is a small remnant and a strong colour, so will be a simple style, probably New Look 6735 with 3/4 sleeves if fabric allows. This will be great to add some pop to the neutrals.
4. Coral pink jacket. I bought this fabric specially to co-ordinate with the print though have not yet chosen the pattern. I am envisaging something fairly short, collarless and gently shaped to fit, though again have not chosen a pattern. This is going to be a more time consuming item to sew. If I choose a new pattern I will have some fitting alterations to do for my forward head and high round back.

There are still 3 and a half weeks of August left, so maybe it is possible as I have two simple TNTs, a new knit top pattern and a simple jacket.

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Ann Brodsky said...

Great colors! Can't wait to see your garments made up.