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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cool Dark Brown 3/4 sleeve tee

I decided to go down a slightly different route for a few garments and pick out the cool dark brown in the leaf print.
The stash yielded two appropriate pieces, both nice quality but no idea when/where I purchased them.

The first is some beautifully drapey viscose knit ideal for the 3/4 sleeve top.
This uses the body from New Look 6414 View C and the 3/4 sleeve from New Look 6735.
It is a very basic piece that can have a supporting role, for example with my existing purchased brown/lime leaf print skirt and bright lime jacket, just add a lime necklace for some colour.

Already cut out I have the same top with long sleeves and a turtleneck for when the weather gets colder. The lovely drapey fabric will be a wonderful piece against the skin if I want to wear a wool sweater or jacket on the top. (I can't bear wool to touch my skin, the fibres make me itch)

The second fabric is the same colour but a much heavier weight ponte type knit, so am planning a classic pencil skirt, some slim pants/loose leggings and maybe a cardigan if there is enough fabric left over.
This is the darkest colour found in my hair and is a great dark neutral for me (I think!).

I have the sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem all threaded up with dark brown so should be able to make good progress over the next few days/evenings. I will share as I go.

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