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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Linen top

This boxy linen top was cut out at the same time as the skirt panels. It is based on the Kirsten Kimono Tee with a slightly lengthened sleeve, reshaped neckline and slightly cropped hem. I cut it on the fold and all the hems are finished with the overlocker then turned and stitched.
It can be worn with yesterday's skirt as a dress look, or over trousers as a modern summer top.
Apologies for the terrible taken-in-the-dark-with-a-flash photo, but hopefully gives you an idea of it as a dress. The wide elastic belt is great at covering over the place where the top is tucked into the skirt. I'd happily wear this to work with a shortish coloured jacket (turquoise, red, lime) and appropriate accessories.

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