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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August 6PAC new patterns

I had a trawl through my pattern stash and for the coral jacket I want to try this beautiful pattern - McCall's 5481.
It has a two piece sleeve, elegant lines especially through the back and is lined.
I think I would probably have a button/loop or hooks instead of the waist ties but the centre back seam and lack of a collar should make my alterations slightly easier.

For the stone knit top I really like Simplicity 1916 as it has some slightly different looks to the pattern as well as a handy centre back seam and some nice 3/4 length sleeves.

I like both views A and D, maybe D with the belt detail from F, as the dangling part of the belt would distract nicely from a tummy.


Summer said...

Great patterns. Your wardrobe is going to be wonderful!

Jenni said...

Fab patterns. I agree about putting on a button not the tie. I think the tie could get annoying particularly if it kept coming undone during the day.

mrsmole said...

I attended a Pati Palmer pants class where she wore this suit pattern made up in a tapestry fabric, in fact almost identical to the one on the envelope. It fit her fine but when I made it up in a muslin I realized that the jacket princess front seams were so far away from the bust points, the jacket would never look good on a normal woman with a real bust. It is like the princess seams were just drawn on from a very flat jacket and really have no purpose of shaping. Be warned and if you can, make a muslin. There is a reason they threw on ties instead of a normal closing.

SewRuthie said...

Thanks for that mrsmole. I am modestly busted so can't imagine it being too much of a problem. There a several review on PatternReview and people seemed fairly happy with it.