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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Burgundy cotton rollneck and variegated rollneck

Instead of the disastrous ribbed version I decided to make up some cotton knit fabric into a burgundy roll neck top.
This fabric is smooth and seems to have 2 right sides, it was relatively hard to pin into and looks like it will be very hardwearing. I don't know what the fabric would be called.
I've been wearing this today with the purple leggings (and a big purchased cardigan) and its warm and comfortable.

Using exactly the same pattern pieces I also made the same top in a variegated lightweight knit. This shed all over me and needed a lot of cleaning up with a lint roller, hopefully since all the edges are overlocked or coverhemmed it'll be ok in wear.
It is a bit hard to see but the top is variegated ivory, brown and various shades of berry.


Anne said...

I love these colours

Jenni said...

Both look lovely. Pity that one of them shed everywhere though. Having just had something shed all over my washing in the machine and make a massive fluffy mess, can I suggest a hand wash first time out just to ensure it doesn't leave evidence of itself all over EVERY item you own.