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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

SWAP 2016 thoughts

The thread discussing the possible rules is open on Stitchers Guild.
I was in full autumn cardigan/leggings mode and could not possibly imagine what I might want to have sewn ready for Spring 2016.
So I looked up the Pantone colours for Spring 2016.
Then went off to look at my fabric stash, and using a bit of license I have....
Coral pink (a bit like their Peach Echo), duck egg blue (a bit like their Limpet Shell) and various beige/taupe/dark taupe colours (a bit like their Iced Coffee) and I think that could work quite well.
Less print and strong colour than I usually go for, but why not be a little softer sometimes?

So I now have an outline plan

SWAP 2016
Colour palette – coral pink, duck egg blue, taupe
Styles – suit with trousers and skirt, jeans, lots of tops, other trousers, cardigan

Dark Taupe – jacket
Dark Taupe - trousers
Dark Taupe - skirt
Light Taupe – trousers 2
Beige – cardigan
Dirty denim – jeans
Knit top – coral pink
Knit top – pink/mint print
Knit top – small duck egg print
Knit top – large duck egg print
Knit top – Ivory and light taupe stripe

5 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 layers and would get me through a whole week at work I should think
L- R
Coral pink jersey, mint/pink print jersey, large duck egg print jersey, small duck egg print jersey, beige jersey

Beige jersey again, ivory and light taupe stripe, light taupe woven, medium taupe woven, dark taupe woven.
I don't have the dirty denim yet, maybe I'll just make 3 pairs of light, medium and dark taupe trousers!


Jenni said...

seems like a very manageable plan in lovely colours.

SewRuthie said...

Thanks Jenni :-)

Cherie said...

Ruthie, as I said on SG, I love these colors, on you and on me! Your fabrics look great also!

Ann said...

Ruthie, your colours and fabrics are really lovely and will look good on you. Your plan is a wonderful one. I will be following you and your plan.

Alison said...

As I mentioned on SG before the site went down, I think those colors will be excellent for you, and seeing the fabrics you chose, it looks very springlike! I look forward to seeing your garment pattern choices and progress... I suppose thinking about what to wear in April and May actually is a good idea for SWAP sewing, if challenging at this time of year.

SewRuthie said...

Oh how sad that SG is down. Thank you for all the comments. I have not decided any patterns yet.

Fabrickated said...

Yes!! I think this is brilliant. I love the way you have chosen your colour scheme, and how clever to look at the Pantone palette. The softer turquoises and corals always look amazing together and having taupe as your neutral will blend beautifully. This is a set of confident and exciting choices. Well done you. I love the commitment and conviction you are demonstrating.

Anne said...

Do you mean the site is down permanently?

Anne said...

Love your colours.