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Friday, 9 October 2015

Burgundy rib knit rollneck disaster

I had this great burgundy rib knit in a tube. I decided to sew it up into top with a scoop neck and deep rollneck collar, a lot like ones I have made previously.
When I cut it out the rib was quite close but during construction it stretched out and the result is a wadder as it stands.
It is sadly a hideous wadder, though I could cut the seams off, try and stretch the pieces out a bit, recut and restitch. I do love the colour.
Do you think its worth doing?


Karen said...

I would not redo it. I've had the same experiment with ribknit. What I did, was save it for hembands and wristbands, which it is best for.

Jenni said...

I wouldn't re do it. It clearly has no recovery and could be one of those fabrics that stretches out every time you breathe near it and never goes back in shape. pity as its a nice colour.

L said...

I agree with Karen. Unless the rib knit is very stable, I would not bother trying to save it. The fabric will just continue to grow. Can you re-purpose parts of it for something else, like cuffs, neckline, or scarf?