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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Upcoming plans

I have two more items planned in my berry set - a brighter burgundy cowl neck which matches the bright burgundy in the animal print skirt, and a darker brown/burgundy cardigan jacket.

Then I have leggings, tee and skirt in dark green to give options with a dark green drape cardigan I bought becuase it made my eyes looks really green (but doesn't seem to work with much in my wardrobe).

After that I think I am going to sew some new trousers and have been looking at various Burda patterns I have made in the past. It may be that I need to retrace an old favourite or add the Burda crotch curves to something from the Big 4

Burda 02-2010 #102 Pants

These were a particular favourite in the past though I'm only currently still wearing one pair of these. I think they need a stretch woven and I had used a non stretch for some of the pairs. Also I think the waistband is below the waist so if I measure my waist they are too tight. I like the overall style a lot though so I am going to have a bit of an experiement with these again I think.

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