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Monday, 16 November 2015

Giant (but comfy) corduroy trousers for gentle critique

So I had this piece of rusty cotton cord, I dyed it with a bright pink dye I think it was and it came out a lovely deep burgundy. It mirinaded in the stash and then I fancied some winter trousers.
I took a Burda pattern which was a bit tight and added a bit extra, cut out the slightly wrinkled cord (from being washed) pressed as I constructed and made some giant wide leg trousers. They were falling down so I did a temporary fix of some elastic in the back waist.

Just rather baggy all over. Hmm.


Anne said...

I don't have any constructive comments to make as I haven't managed to make a pair of trousers that fit as yet. I can see they're a touch loose below the bum but no idea how to fix that and don't know if you can after they're made? You say they're comfy, so do you need to do anything? Only thing is, corduroy can grow as its worn, so that would be a problem. Did you adequately pre-shrink and tumble dry as that might reduce some of the excess ease.

SewRuthie said...

The corduroy has been dyed (it was rust brown) so its been through the washing machine several times at 40 deg c as part of that process and then steamed with the iron as I pressed during construction.
I might put them on inside out and try to pin out the excess.
I suppose I could try washing them on hot and tumble drying them to see if the cotton shrinks.
To stop them falling down I have added elastic in the back waist but I could easily lose 1/2" off each side seam.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

The color you describe from you dye bath is fantastic. I've got to do this as a trial in some very plain brown cord. But having a front loader makes this tough, I've been told. :-(

Annette said...

I like them for winter. Wider legs pants do better with slightly drapey fabric, so maybe that's why they seem baggy.