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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Trouser fitting

The side seam is at a strange angle, the wide trouser leg masks this slightly.
I think this is a forward tilted hip.

I spent some time reading Pants for Real people - Pati Palmer and Marta Alto last night. No-one exactly like me, but plenty of variation which was encouraging and I was middling in the size range they fit.

It looks like I need to get a basic slim leg trouser pattern from my stash add one inch seam allowances and start playing with it.

It looked to me that I need to add a little extra for a full tummy (and wear my tops out).
then some extra for full front thighs, particularly at the front inseam.
extra only on the back pattern piece for full calves
I need a sway back, full buttock and under butt bagginess fix as well
So make those 6 alterations and I should have some wearable pants!

If I am doing all that I might as well start with a Simplicity pattern and do the Burda butt alterations first and then take it from there.
I am out tonight and busy at the weekend but see what I can manage on Friday evening.

Simplicity 4375 might be a possible starting place for some basic trousers.


Linda T said...

Ruthie, a couple of interesting blog posts on the forward tilted hip here: http://iconicpatterns.com/2013/01/14/trouser-pattern-adjustment-for-forward-tilted-hips/#more-5742

Patti's Blog said...

Love your drawings because it is so easy to see what's happening. I've found that the Eureka Pants pattern and instructions are great for us with a little fluff. The use of horizontal balance lines help a lot in getting everything up and down in the right places. The Eureka pattern has these marked. I think you'd like this pattern.

Unknown said...

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