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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Craft Make - Button Drawing Pins

A way to use up the odd buttons in the button tin and have a fun way to pin things in the sewing room.
What you need
  • small flat buttons
  • drawing pins (thumb tacks) with a flat head
  • super glue
  • disposal latex gloves (optional but a good idea) 
  • cork tile offcut or similar base board

Take an offcut of cork tile or use a cork noticeboard or similar.
Push the drawing pins into the cork so they are in firmly and level.
Get a selection of small buttons ready.
Put on the latex gloves and open the super glue. (The gloves avoid sticking your fingers together).
Working a row at a time apply the super glue across the top of the drawing pin surface.
Carefully drop the button onto the glue and position lightly with a gloved finger tip. Try to touch as little as possible to avoid getting stuck to it.
Leave to dry. Check all the buttons have adhered (you can tip the scrap of cork to see if anything falls off) reglue any which were missed or did not stick well.

Take up to the sewing room and pin up inspiration, pattern sheets and anything else which you want pinned.