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Friday, 3 June 2016

SWAP results are out

The SWAP results have been announced.
Well done to the winners.
2016 Winners:
2nd Place: Treefrog
Grand Prize: Stephaniecan & Demented Fairy

Treefrog (more pics if you click on the link)

Stephaniecan (more pics if you click on the link)

Demented Fairy (more pics if you click on the link)
Introspective bit here, feel free to skip.

Sadly I have not placed (and have never placed in all the years I have been doing SWAP).
Having had a look at the winning collections again this year, they contain mostly woven items (rather than my favoured knits) and are more complicated items like dresses, woven blouses, tailored pants etc.

Each year I have a charity craft stall at an event which happens at the end of SWAP, so all through the SWAP period I am sewing bags, cushions, and etc. I also work full time in a quite demanding job and spend my weekends with my DBF (so don't normally sew at the weekend).

I suppose if I did want to place in future I'd have to invest more time sewing more complex garments as well as somehow doing better photography (perhaps even lose some weight so I look better in pictures?) as well as doing more self promotion (not a big thing this year, but looked to sway things in the past).

So I expect that it is probably not important enough to me to do the things I think would make me a future SWAP winner. I guess I need to decide if on that basis I continue to participate in SWAP in the future knowing I am exceedingly unlikely to place with what I am able and willing to turn out or if I just stick to the 6PAC sew alongs. 

In reality I expect I will continue to sew co-ordinated wardrobe collections because I like doing that and it works for me. And occasionally when my brain has the capacity to look at more stretching things like pants which fit - I have learned one new thing which is that I need a Low Butt Adjustment!


Anne said...

I hear you! We can't do everything and can't be all things to all men. Etc. I personally think it's more important to (sew) what you want for yourself or for those you sew for whether that be knits or crafts than sew specifically for a competition if that's things that don't fit in your lifestyle. I'm attracted to some of them but it's a huge time commitment and I'm not attracted enough!
If you want to lose weight or improve your photography do it for you but not for this!
Sorry, I guess I feel quite strongly about this!
Best wishes

patsijean said...

I voted for you, but I think winning is not necessarily the only standard you for judging success. You have excellent work or travel wardrobes and easy to wear, fun, flattering clothes.

Mary said...

Ruthie, you got my #1 vote this year and I was actually shocked that you didn't place. Like you, I have done my own analysis of what collections win... Looking at past SWAPs I think that what weighs most heavily with voters is complexity of sewing. Cohesiveness as a wardrobe, adherence to that year's specific challenge/rules, etc. matter less (although I'm sure they are a consideration). Sometimes it seems popularity or promotion may factor in, but one can't be certain about that. JMHO

I thought your photography was great this year and obviously you paid attention to styling, accessories, etc. and I thought you presented your collection quite well. You have really mastered wardrobe planning (and execution!) and I look at all your past collections for inspirations and ideas. (this is M Lambie from SG)

Ann said...

Ruthie, I didn't pay much attention to SWAP this year as I have been super busy. But, I followed your blog to see what you were sewing for it.

Your SWAP always follows the rules and you chose fabrics you like to wear. Your life is busy and you still take part in doing it. You are a winner as you completed the task at hand and have a lovely wardrobe to wear.

I am enjoying watching what you are adding to extend your SWAP wardrobe. Love some of the pieces you are making.


Hen said...

I think you deserve a life time achievement award for your wardrobe sewing! Your collections are cohesive, and with a clear colour scheme. I think many SG members learned a lot from you in this respect.

jillnjosh said...

Ruthie, you may not have won the competition, but you win my admiration every time you post a wardrobe capsule. To have so many clothes that coordinate ... that is fantastic, fabulous, a real treasure. Sew what you will wear. Enter the competitions if you feel moved to do so. Do it, knowing that you sew to make yourself happy, and knowing that it isn't about a popularity contest - it's about giving yourself the gift of new, fresh clothes that fit YOU. You have a full life, with lots of things going on, and it sounds like you've got your priorities in order. Don't let this get you down - you've got so much more going for you than a sewing popularity competition.

Unknown said...

I have found your sewing really inspiring! As others have said, your coordinated capsules and use of colour! You show me that even when you have a busy life you can get pleasure out of sewing and wearing clothes. I work full time, and haven't got the mental energy to do complicated things. I have also got great pleasure out of wearing clothes I made for work, a simple jersey skirt, multiple copies of the lottie blouse and jersey dresses. My approach from now on is to identify items that suit me, are simple to make and then repeat them! I think I prefer the six pac idea, I am unlikely ever to finish a SWAP. So please carry on sewing and blogging!

purpleivy said...

I too am full of admiration! I follow your blog and look forward to seeing your outfits as they appear and your vision of a capsule wardrobe as well. At the moment I"m away from home on holiday and reading your blog thinking 'now why can't I get a wardrobe together like Ruth does?'

It's fab to read a UK blogger who also loves to have a wardrobe full of knits. Mind you, it would be easier to get a wardrobe together if there were a good selection of fabric shops near to me. But you seen to manage!

SewRuthie said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I am continuing on with my collections for me and craft makes for charity, please carry on enjoying them with me.

purpleivy said...

Well, Ruthie,

After I posted the message above to you I decided that if I was going to purchase fabric for tops etc for the summer, my rule should be that they would all go with a navy cardi.

Today I went fabric shopping. I'm in Germany and in the Freiburg area there seems to be some cracking fabric opportunities! So I got some fabrics for tops (other things as well) and all the tops would go with a navy cardi! I also found some beautiful viscose/lycra jersey in navy. WHen the sales assistant asked how much I wanted I looked over my shoulder at hub, who was sitting on the window ledge reading the paper and held up 4 fingers, to indicate 4m! She said 'ja, Zwei meter' and winked!

He doesn't mind really, just as well, as it was over E150 in the next shop!

So I will coordinate one day, when stuff is made up!