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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Red collection: paused

I think I am going to pause on the red collection. Lots of the pieces are in circulation already. The knee length skirt will be worn with tights/boots in winter, I have worn the other items, some multiple times. The only thing in question is this top, which is not working out too well.
Unlike the dummy which has a nice flocked finish which keeps the drapy rayon in place, on me this bags out and gapes horrendously. I added elastic to the neckline, recut the side seams etc, but its basically too large all over (including too long/wide sleeves) so I am going to cut it apart at the seams and recut it smaller, though probably at a later date when I am less cross with it.

My next project is going to be some PJ pants in a fun print. These need white thread so tonight I will be rethreading the machines in white and give myself a break form the enormous red gaping top!

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