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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Creative People - Jane's Cross Stitched Christmas Card

I received this Christmas Card many years ago from my friend Jane. I kept it and get it out every year. This year it is up on the mantlepiece in my current home.
At that time we each owned a cat, and mine was black. We have both since moved and don't get to see each other, and the lovely black cat is no longer with us. I love the card because of the happy memories of the friendship and also because I appreciate the artistry and time put into this little gem by a lady who was pretty busy, but made time for me.


Unknown said...

How lovely to have something that reminds you every year of your friend and pet. I am the most creative of my friends, so I have things I've made which come out every year at Christmas.

Lisa Laree said...

That would be on my 'pull out and set up every year' list, too! What a sweet holiday memento!