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Thursday, 1 December 2016

December has arrived

You may not have noticed but I have managed to post every day in November here on Sew Ruthie. It was a little challenge to myself to see if I could do it and I made use use of the Scheduler in Blogger to write a few posts when I had time and the schedule them for the coming days. That took the pressure off a bit as I knew I had one (or several) days in hand and so didn't have to think of something today.

It was actually a lot of fun, and meant I posted a bit more than just my usual finished garment photos, sharing some of my thought processes when choosing what to sew next.

We will have to see if I have enough to say (and the time to write about it) to carry on in December with daily posting. I love Christmas but am working right up until 23rd Dec, with family coming on 25th and 27th, then my birthday celebrations and a costumed New Years Eve party. We also have 4 choir events before Christmas and have tickets to the pantomime too. All that might impact sewing and blogging time :-)

I have taken the days off as leave in between Christmas and New Year though so might even squeeze in a sewing day when DBF is working one day! That would be very restorative and be after the SWAP starting deadline so could do all kinds of things.

My neighbours have already put up their Christmas tree complete with lights so I am feeling slightly behind already.


Julie Culshaw said...

A busy month ahead for you. We will excuse you if you don't manage to blog daily.
You do keep me inspired to think about how I sew and how to manage time efficiently.

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the daily snippets. I'm thinking about Christmas clothes and have lost my focus on swap at the moment, will try to refocus at the weekend.