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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Vertical Lines

Imogen Lamport has another great post, this time about using Vertical lines


When we are sewing it is really important to take into account these sort of things as otherwise a lot of time and effort is put into something which is not very flattering. For some people that comes naturally but for others (like me) it is something I have tried to learn, sometimes the hard way.

For sewists its great that we can sew almost anything (what great opportunities), but by the same token we need to be careful because we can sew almost anything (possibilities to make things which don't flatter). I try to remember this when I think of the Turquoise Trousers...
These fit beautifully but were a polyester fabric that was too hot in summer but too bright in winter. Coloured trousers are outside of my comfort zone and I never wore them out of the house and donated them very quickly. What a waste of sewing time!

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Anne said...

I agree with what you've said. I've sewn a few things which don't suit and as you say a waste of time and money.
I love those turquoise trousers! I don't tend to get too hot, though, up north.