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Monday, 21 November 2016

Sewing red faux leather into trousers

I want to make this dark red faux leather into trousers.
It has no stretch. The red is a plastic feeling layer bonded onto some black woven fabric.

I had read that you should
- use a longer stitch length but not a leather needle
- use clips rather than pins
-  draw the design onto the reverse before cutting out
- sew using a teflon or walking foot (I have a teflon foot)
- choose a simple design to minimise seams etc.

Any other tips you could suggest from experience?

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Jenni said...

If that s similar to the piece I have, which is quite thick and has no give (from Abhakan) I think try not to fit too tightly. Seams can split easily under pressure so thorough stitch length testing under pressure may be wise. Possibly do a mock run and fell like in jeans so that cannot happen. You won't be able to press and that might help there too.