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Sunday, 13 November 2016

SWAP 2017 Patterns - Trousers (pants) pattern

I am planning four pairs of trousers for the SWAP. To make my life simpler I though I would use the same pattern for all of them.
I do best with Burda trousers and their normal draft is closer to my shape. I still need to do some alterations but they are much less extensive than for the North American draft used by Big4.
Currently I'm in plus size (46) and although I'm losing weight it is a slow process.
I went through a lot of my Burda magazines (I have multiple years worth) and pulled out any interesting trouser patterns. I've then reviewed these again and think that I am going to go with Burda Magazine August 2010 # 137 (08/2010-137), which is a wrap front trouser from the plus section.
I like that I could make a wrap pair, but I could also use two of the normal fronts and make some more classic trousers from the same pattern.
If you love this style but don't have the magazine you can get it as a download from the UK and US sites
I shall need to trace mine off the magazine.


Cherie said...

Trousers with a "twist", look great. Can't wait to see them!

Sharon said...

You are giving your SWAP some serious thought and this trouser pattern sounds like it will be perfect with the "twist" that you can achieve with them.