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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Raglan Sleeve Tee - Grey Print and Charcoal

I've made my first version of the New Look 6230 Raglan Sleeve Tee.
I used a scrap of purpley grey print for the front and neckband, and contrasted it with a charcoal grey sleeves and back. (I bought the Charcoal Grey last weekend at Economy Fabrics, but the print was in a bag of small pieces someone gave me)
I raised the back neckline by an inch and scooped the front out by a couple of inches. The resulting neckline was very large so I added darts in the top of each sleeve, and tapered the top of the back seam slightly also. Then I used the original neckband for this view which fitted fine.

It is OK, but I don't think this is my new TNT yet, and I would like to try #8 Raglan-sleeve T-shirt from Ottobre 2008 Issue 5. The neckline on this looks much neater and closer to my desire finish.

I would also have another try at the Santa Monica Tee from Textile Studio Patterns as I have now managed to find it. However I think I will need to scoop the front neck down quite a bit for it to work for me. 
 I think reglan tees are not all that simple!!


Anne said...

I love the print. Grey and purply blues - they are my colours! Good luck with your next version.

Jane M said...

I think the colors are wonderful and that it looks chic but comfortable.

Linda T said...

I agree that Raglans can be tricky. I've used a Kwik Sew and a Burda download with success.
Good luck on finding your TNT.

Unknown said...

Yes I hope you find your TNT. I really like the Santa Monica one though, and with the dart at the top of the sleeves, you should be able to get a good fit.

sdBev said...

I agree that Raglan Ts are not all that simple. If you get the fit sorted on the Otto version, it is used as the basis for Otto's other Raglan variations. I thought it worth the effort.